Why We're Different


Customerze specializes in inbound customer service and technical support. That's it. Outbound lead generation, sales and debt collection is not our thing. But for inbound customer service and technical support, we are #1.

First Call Resolution

Solving your customer inquiries quickly, correctly and cheerfully the first time is our mantra. It's also our main KPI.

Active, Accessible Owner

The Owner is your account manager. Imagine. Real access to the person financially invested in your success.

High-Touch Supervision

Customerze maintains 10:1 and 6:1 agent-to-team leader and team leader-to-operations manager ratios. That's your guarantee our supervisors watch everything closely.

Omni Channel

Yes. Customerze offers inbound support for voice, chat, email and social media. We cover it all.

Sparkling Service

Customerze supervisors are training fanatics. We have a proprietary, multimedia training platform with programs which emphasize problem-solving, thinking outside the box, initiative, empathy and sparkling service.

Neutral Accents

Customerze agents are hand-picked for their neutral accents. Your American, Canadian and Australian customers will love them.

High Quality Recruitment

You gain quality talent. Customerze filters candidates through 26 hiring touchstones, including exhaustive reference checking and psychometric testing. We rarely advertise roles. Our competitors do that, fighting for low quality candidates. Customerze has a long-nurtured wait list of 620+ candidates. Our local talent networks are deep.

Dedicated Agents

You'll gain comfort knowing we exclusively offer dedicated full-time agents on a fixed hourly rate paid monthly. We shun pay-by-the-minute, shared, part-time and hybrid models which result in brand-damaging results with your customers.

Upbeat Atmosphere

Customerze works hard to create a vibrant, positive corporate culture. Our staff enjoy a dynamic social environment. You'll notice the resulting low turnover.